Secrecy Performance of NOMA Systems with Energy Harvesting and Full-Duplex Relaying

This paper studies the physical layer security for a cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access system with energy harvesting (EH) and full-duplex (FD) relaying. In particular, the base station transmits a superposed message to a dedicated EH-FD relay according to NOMA principle. Then, the relay forwards the decoded message to users. At the same time, the message transmitted by the relay can be wiretapped by an passive eavesdropper. The lower bound on the ergodic secrecy rates and the approximated secrecy outage probabilities of users are analyzed with closed-form solutions considering imperfect SIC. Finally, simulation results demonstrate the correctness of theoretical analysis, reflect the influence of the key parameters on the system performance and verify the better secrecy performance of the proposed scheme than its counterpart.

Journal Article
Monday, July 13, 2020