Blockchain@UBC February Research Talk- Dr. Atefeh (Atty) Mashatan

Dr. Atefeh (Atty) Mashatan is the founder and director of the Cybersecurity Research Lab (CRL) at Ryerson University and recognized as a leading expert in cryptography, blockchain technology, quantum-resistant solutions, enterprise security architecture and Internet-of-Things (IoT) security. Expertise at the frontlines of the global cybersecurity field was recognized by SC Magazine in 2019, when she was named one of the top five Women of Influence in Security. She was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 19 of 2019 Tech Titans at IBM CASCON Evoke conference for her efforts in developing emerging technological solutions to address timely societal needs. In 2020, she received the Enterprise Blockchain Award in the category of New Frontiers in Blockchain Academic Research by Blockchain Research Institute for developing the Mosaïque Digital Wallet.

Dr. Mashatan presents the key attributes of the Equitable Smart Unified Real Estate (eSÛRe) system. With eSÛRe, Canadians can use a digital wallet, allowing them to securely list, view, bid on, buy, sell and safely register a property. eSÛRe is currently made up of three interoperable platforms which can be used together or as standalone systems. The Transparent Bidding Blockchain tracks property bids made by buyers’ agents and allows the sellers to see the bids placed on their property. The Smart Property Ledger begins with the registering of a property on the blockchain and finishes with the title transfer of the property. The Pre-construction Contract Registry shows how pre-build real estate contracts are executed and tracked in a system. These systems are intended to work together with their inputs and outputs matching up, but can also operate as independent systems. Moreover, we will present our in-progress work on building Mosaïque, a digital wallet for the real estate industry that uses self-sovereign identities (SSIs). The wallet can be applied to a broad range of business applications including payments, transactions, digital signatures, asset management, due diligence, and general identity management services.