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Blockchain@UBC Summer Institute

In collaboration with our industry and academic partners, Blockchain@UBC offers an annual Summer Institute on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. 

The goal of this initiative is to provide upper undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline at UBC with advanced, specialized training in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Students from other universities and industry partners may also apply.

Topics to be covered include: basic blockchain architecture and operations, privacy, security and trust and Bitcoin/blockchains/DLTs, emerging international standards and use cases, technical knowledge on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain/DLTs, and understanding of blockchain and DLTs in social, economic, legal and political context.

The training days will incorporate a mix of in-class plenary presentations, seminar-style discussions, and afternoon hands-on lab work involving individual and team-based design and coding.  Prior experience with coding is an asset but not a strict requirement.  Students will be divided into two groups for the hands-on technical sessions based on level of technical proficiency. It will be necessary to bring your own laptop for the lab sessions. Additional instructions for each session will be sent out in advance.

In-class training will be supplemented by videos, readings and lab exercises to be completed in advance of each session to make best use of in-class time.  Students admitted to this program must be serious about keeping up with the assigned readings, etc. Details of assigned coursework, including topics to be covered on specific dates, instructors, and assigned readings, etc. will be distributed in advance of the first day of the summer program.  Students will be enrolled in the Summer Program’s SLACK channel, where questions can be asked of instructors and knowledge can be shared and discussed.

The training sessions culminate in a two-day “blockathon”, sponsored by the partners of Blockchain@UBC, in which students will work as members of teams to design and prototype blockchain solutions for social good and community well-being.

Stay tuned for more information about our 3rd annual summer blockchain initiative, coming in May-June 2019

Watch this video for information about our past events: