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Summer Institute 2020

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May 11th to May 26th, 2020

Blockchain@UBC is pleased to offer our fourth annual Blockchain@UBC Summer Institute, an intensive program designed to provide undergraduates and graduates from any discipline with advanced and specialized training in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). The Institute is free for UBC students, while students from other universities and non-students may also apply. The objectives of the Summer Institute for our participants are to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) from academic and industry experts.
  • Critically reflect the impact of blockchain on society and apply DLT to real world problems.
  • Engage with leading industry players and build a professional network in the blockchain community.

The program combines two weeks of training workshops with a two-day “Blockathon for Social Good", and culminates in a one-day Conference. Workshops are designed and delivered in collaboration with our industry and academic partners, and cover a wide range of topics, including: basic blockchain architecture and operations, privacy, security and trust and Bitcoin/blockchains/DLTs, emerging international standards and use cases, technical knowledge on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Hyperledger Indy platforms, and understanding of blockchain and DLTs in social, economic, legal and political contexts. Participants will benefit from exposure to industry professionals, insights into a wide range of blockchain-related topics, and hands-on experience in designing and developing blockchain-based solutions. In the lead up to the Summer Institute, workshop participants will be provided access to a detailed Syllabus, which provides details about the topics, readings and/or software to be referenced and used in each workshop.

The two weeks of training sessions culminate in a two-day “Blockathon For Social Good” on May 23rd-24th, followed by the Blockchain@UBC 4th Annual Conference on May 26th. The Blockathon is sponsored by the partners of Blockchain@UBC, in which participants will work in teams to design and prototype blockchain solutions for social good and community well-being. The Annual Conference features presentations and panel discussions with experts from industry and academia around the theme: "Towards Decentralization", as well as our third annual "TALENT + INNOVATION" showcase.

Click on the links below for more information on the Training Workshops, Blockathon for Social Good, and Annual Conference.

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Summer Institute Training Workshops (May 11th - May 22nd)
Blockathon (May 23rd- 24th)
Annual Conference (May 26th)

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From 2019's Participants:

 "[Blockchain@UBC] brought in some of the best speakers, had a good range of difficulty and variety in topics, and was able to make a complex topic intuitive to understand. I started with limited knowledge about blockchain and finished with new-founded inspiration and curiosity. From the classroom sessions, to the hackathon, to the conference, I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend this course to anyone in the future." - Clara Chu (Consulting Analyst at Accenture)

"Attending the third edition of the Blockchain Summer Institute was an amazing experience! In addition to the great atmosphere provided by teachers Victoria Lemieux and Chris Rowell and colleague Danielle Batista, the content was presented in a very didactic way with current and relevant Blockchain themes. It was really a great experience!" - Tomas Roberto Cotta Orlandi (Doctoral Student, Faculdade de Ciência da Informação, UnB)

From Previous Years:

"Over the course of the program, we learned about everything from the difference between private/public blockchains, how to code smart contracts with Ethereum and the mechanics of Hyperledger. We even learned how to create our own cryptocurrency... I found myself suddenly viewed as an ‘expert’ on blockchain — literally everyone wanted to know more about it, the hype was real. One Monday morning I was greeted by an email asking me to organize a presentation at SAP during their Cyber Security Month and gladly agreed. Soon enough, guys in the marketing team were messaging over Skype asking how they should best explain the technology to clients." - Ali Serag (Co-Founder of Fostrum).

Read more from his blog at Blockchain for the Homeless to Techstars Startup

"Before joining the Blockchain@UBC Summer Institute in 2017, I had only low-level technical skills and a cursory understanding of how blockchains worked. Through the program, I was welcomed wholeheartedly into the BC blockchain community, gained a substantial understanding of blockchain technology, and connected with other students from a diverse range of backgrounds that further deepened my understanding of the field.
Through the contacts I made at the Blockchain@UBC Summer Institute, I have had the opportunity to contribute to two research projects on smart contracts and digital asset regulation, engage with legal experts across the world on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. With the knowledge I have gained from these experiences, I have also co-authored a chapter of a legal textbook on aspects of blockchain law." -
 Stephen Pederson (Peter A. Allard School of Law Student)