Blockchain@UBC has published a number of research papers, through various academic partners and collobarative efforts. Explore more in detail through the list on this page.

Title Researchers Date of Publication Research Area Tags Link to paper
Scaling Blockchain Consensus via a Robust Shared Mempool Ivan Beschastnikh, Fangyu Gai, Jianyu Niu, Chen Feng, Sheng Wang
Safeguarding The Records Of Homes, Lands, And Property For Displaced Peoples Using Decentralized Trust Victoria Lemieux
Blockchain and Web3: Mirrors, “Jouissance” and Social & Personal Identity Formation Victoria Lemieux, Quinn Dupont
Searching for Trust: Blockchain Technology in an Age of Disinformation Victoria Lemieux
Devouring the Leader Bottleneck in BFT Consensus Fangyu Gai, Jianyu Niu, Ivan Beschastnikh, Chen Feng, Sheng Wang
NFTs: Tulip Mania or Digital Renaissance? Dian Ross, Victoria Lemieux, Edmond Cretu
One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch: Transaction DoS in MimbleWimble Blockchains Seyed Ali Tabatabaee, Charlene Nicer, Ivan Beschastnikh, Chen Feng
When They Go Low: Automated Replacement of Low-level Functions in Ethereum Smart Contracts Rui Xi, Karthik Pattabiraman
Fast B4B: Fast BFT for Blockchains Victoria Lemieux, Mohammad Jalalzai, Chen Feng
Evaluating The Financial Impact of Data Breaches Involving Account Credentials Scott Chu
A Cross-Pollination of ideas about Distributed Ledger Technological Innovation through a Multidisciplinary and Multisectoral lens: Insights from the Blockchain Technology Symposium ’21 Victoria Lemieux, Atefeh Mashatan, Rei Safavi-Naini, Jeremy Clark
Deep Reinforcement Learning For Blockchain in Industrial IoT: A Survey Zehua (David) Wang, Yulei Wu, Yuxiang Ma
Blockchain-empowered Data-driven Networks: A Survey and Outlook Zehua (David) Wang, Xi Li, Hong Ji, Yiming Liu, Heli Zhang
Building Decentralized Trust - Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Design of Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers Victoria Lemieux, Chen Feng
Multidisciplinary Blockchain Research and Design: A Case Study in Moving from Theory to Pedagogy to Practice Chelsea Palmer, Victoria Lemieux, Chris Rowell
Blockchain Empowered Mobile Edge Intelligence, Machine Learning and Secure Data Sharing Zehua (David) Wang, Yao Du, Shuxiao Miao, Victoria Lemieux
Blockchain-Empowered Mobile Edge Intelligence, Machine Learning and Secure Data Sharing Yao Du, Shuxiao Miao, Victoria Lemieux, Zehua (David) Wang, Zitian Tong
Dissecting the Performance of Chained-BFT Chen Feng, Ivan Beschastnikh, Ali Farahbakhsh, Jianyu Niu, Hao Duan
Blockchain-Enabled Edge Intelligence for IoT: Background, Emerging Trends and Open Issues Zehua (David) Wang, Yao Du
El Deseno de Sistemas de Información Como Imperative Para Recalcular Archivos Victoria Lemieux, Danielle Batista
Incentive Analysis of Bitcoin-NG, Revisited Chen Feng, Jianyu Niu, Ziyu Wang
Institutional Settlements and Organizational Hybridity: The Rise and Fall of Supervised Consumption Sites Chang Lu, Trish Reay, Elizabeth Goodrick
Application and Evaluation of Payment Channel in Hybrid Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange Zehua (David) Wang, Xuan Luo, Wei Cai, Xiuhua Li
Consumers’ Intentions to Adopt Blockchain-Based Personal Health Records and Data Sharing: Focus Group Study Chang Lu, Hoda Hamouda, Danielle Batista, Victoria Lemieux
Private-Blockchain-Based Industrial IoT for Material and Product Tracking in Smart Manufacturing Mohammad Iqbal Saryuddin Assaqty, Ying Gao, Xiping Hu, Zhaolong Ning, Quansi Wen, Yijian Chen
Fast-HotStuff: A Fast and Resilient HotStuff Protocol Mohammad Jalalzai, Chen Feng, Jianyu Niu
CloudArcade: A Blockchain Empowered Cloud Gaming System Zehua (David) Wang, Juntao Zhao, Yuanfang Chi
Incentive Analysis of Bitcoin-NG, Revisited Chen Feng, Jianyu Niu, Ziyu Wang
Intelligent Resource Allocation for Video Analytics in Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Autonomous Vehicles with Edge Computing Xiantao Jiang, Richard Yu, Tian Song
How Blockchain Capabilities Advance Data Sharing and Benefit Virtual Care Chang Lu
HIBAR Research: The Frontier Is Actually an Ecosystem Lyle H. Schwartz, Gretchen B. Jordan
Compute-Forward for DMCs: Simultaneous Decoding of Multiple Combinations Chen Feng, Sung Hoon Lim, Michael Gastpar, Adriano Pastore, Bobak Nazer
How effective are smart contract analysis tools? evaluating smart contract static analysis tools using bug injection Asem Ghaleb, Karthik Pattabiraman
Secrecy Performance of NOMA Systems with Energy Harvesting and Full-Duplex Relaying Chen Feng, Cheng Guo, Liqiang Zhao, Zhiguo Ding, Hui-Ming Wang
Surviving in Platform Ecosystems Based on Distributed Trust Technologies: A Framework and Research Agenda" Chris Rowell
CVIN: Connected Vehicle Information Network Chen Feng, Nikhil Prakesh, David G. Michelson
Blockchain and Machine Learning for Communications and Networking Systems Yiming Liu, Richard Yu, Xi Li, Hong Ji
A Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Transcoder Selection Framework for Blockchain-Enabled Wireless D2D Transcoding Richard Yu, Mengting Liu, Yinglei Teng, Mei Song
Witness Webinar: Can Governments Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Still Respect Personal Privacy? Victoria Lemieux
Hypergrowth Exit Mindset: Destroying Societal Wellbeing through Venture Capital Biased Social Construction of Value Laura Lam
Caught in the Middle? Strategic Information Governance Disruptions in the Era of Blockchain and Distributed Trust Victoria Lemieux, Chris Rowell
Beh-Raft-Chain: A Behavior-based Fast Blockchain Protocol for Complex Networks Li-e Wang, Yan Bai, Quan Jiang, Wei Cai, Xianxian Li
A Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)-enabled Transcoding Framework for Blockchain-based Video Streaming Mengting Liu, Yinglei Teng, Richard Yu, Mei Song
Blockchain and Machine Learning for Communications and Networking Systems Yiming Liu, Richard Yu, Xi Li, Hong Ji
Extending the Scope of Computational Archival Science: A Case Study on Leveraging Archival and Engineering Approaches to Develop a Framework to Detect and Prevent “Fake Video” Victoria Lemieux, Hoda Hamouda, Chen Feng, Jessica Bushey, James Stewart, James Cameron, Ken Thibodeau, Corinne Rogers
Blockchain in Global Health – An appraisal of Current and Future Applications Victoria Lemieux, Aranka Anema, Alexander Houghton, Chandana Unnithan
Biscotti: A Blockchain System for Private and Secure Federated Learning Ivan Beschastnikh, Muhammad Shayan, Clement Fung, Chris J.M Yoon
Adaptive Resource Allocation in Future Wireless Networks With Blockchain and Mobile Edge Computing Richard Yu, Heli Zhang, Hong Ji, Mengting Liu, Fengxian Guo
Erlay: Efficient Transaction Relay for Bitcoin Ivan Beschastnikh, Gregory Maxwell
, Pieter Wuille
, Gleb Naumenko
Blockchain and Public Record Keeping: Of Temples, Prisons, and the (Re)Configuration of Power Victoria Lemieux
A Secure Consensus Protocol for Sidechains Chen Feng, Cesar Grajales, Jianyu Niu, Mohammad Jalalzai
Selfish Mining in Ethereum Chen Feng, Jianyu Niu
The Margin Between the Edge of the World and Infinite Possibility Darra Hofman, Victoria Lemieux, Danielle Batista
Distributed Resource Allocation in Blockchain-based Video Streaming Systems with Mobile Edge Computing Mengting Liu, Yinglei Teng, Richard Yu
How Blockchain Can Shape Sustainable Global Value Chains: An Evidence, Verifiability, and Enforceability (EVE) Framework Harish Krishnan, Lijo John
Legitimating The Initial Coin Offering: A Multidisciplinary Study Chris Rowell
Initial Coin Offerings, Blockchain Technology, and White Paper Disclosures Chen Feng, Nan Li, Mingyue Zhang, Franco Wong
Decentralized Applications: The Blockchain-Empowered Software System Chen Feng
Bringing the Inside Out and the Outside In: How Hiring Processes Bridge Across Startup-Ecosystem Boundaries
Building Trust & Protecting Privacy: Analyzing Evidentiary Quality in a Blockchain Proof-of-Concept for Health Research Data Consent Management Darra Hofman, Victoria Lemieux
A Strong Adaptive Strategic Double-spending Attack on Blockchains
Self-Organized Governance in Blockchain-based Tokenized Markets Ning Nan, Chris Rowell
Digital Ledger Technology: How Blockchain is Changing Organizations and Markets Aija Leiponen, Llewelly Thomas, Christian Catalini, Hanna Halaburda, Kevin Werbach
A Million Ways to DAO: Identifying and Preventing Smart Contract Security Risks Danielle Batista, Victoria Lemieux
The Future of Archives as Networked, Decentralized, Autonomous and Global. Victoria Lemieux
Quasi-cyclic multi-edge LDPC codes for long-distance quantum cryptography Chen Feng, Mario Milicevic, Glenn Gulak, Lei Zhang
A Typology of Blockchain Recordkeeping Solutions and Some Reflections on their Implications for the Future of Archival Preservation Victoria Lemieux
Evaluating the Use of Blockchain in Land Transactions: An Archival Science Perspective Victoria Lemieux
Blockchain Recordkeeping: A SWOT Analysis Victoria Lemieux
Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers as Trusted Recordkeeping Systems: An Archival Theoretic Evaluation Framework Victoria Lemieux
Blockchain-Empowered Fair Computational Resource Sharing System in the D2D Network Zehua (David) Wang, Zhen Hong, Wei Cai

First Nations land acknowledegement

We acknowledge that the UBC Point Grey campus is situated on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm.

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