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Blockchain Microcertificate

UBC Micro-certificate in Blockchain Innovation and Implementation

Developed by Blockchain@UBC, this 55-hour online micro-certificate program is designed for leaders and professionals who need the skills to understand, assess, and champion blockchain initiatives.

Learners gain a foundational (non-technical) understanding of blockchain; a toolkit to evaluate blockchain use cases and opportunities, adoption, governance, and scaling; and insights into leading blockchain innovation and implementation to realize business and social value.

Micro-certificate program overview: 

  • Two online courses taught over eight weeks, with a one-week break in between courses 
  • Integrates academic and industry perspectives and exposes participants to a large number of blockchain use cases, spanning a wide variety of industry verticals and societal sectors
  • 100% online instructor supported with real-time classes 
  • Taught through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous delivery, including videos, podcasts, hands-on application exercises, and live (virtual) instructor-led sessions (typically 1.5 hours per week).

The program consists of Two Courses:

  • Blockchain Essentials for Leaders and Professionals (4 weeks)
  • Planning and Leading Blockchain Projects (4 weeks)
  • Learners will take part in a hands-on Blockchain Design Challenge and industry networking event.

The UBC Micro-certificate in Blockchain Innovation and Implementation is offered in collaboration with UBC Extended Learning. For more information, please go to the UBC Extended Learning website and subscribe to our email list to stay informed about our blockchain offerings.