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Blockchain@UBC's educational programs serve undergraduates, graduates, and executives.

Blockchain@UBC Summer Open Source Blockchain Knowledge Building Initiative

In collaboration with our industry and academic partners, Blockchain@UBC runs a comprehensive two-week program for students and community members every summer. Topics covered include: basic blockchain architecture and operations, privacy, security and trust and Bitcoin/blockchains/DLTs, emerging international standards and use cases, technical knowledge on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain/DLTs, and understanding of blockchain and DLTs in social, economic, legal and political contexts.

Blockchain Executive education

Blockchain: Applications and Disruptive Opportunities

This one-day workshop for executives conveys the core concepts, implications and opportunities of blockchain and similar technologies from a business (non-technical) perspective, and how it could disrupt a wide range of businesses and industries. Stay ahead of your competition by understanding this important technological transformation before it is too late.