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Blockchain@UBC's educational programs serve undergraduates, graduates, and executives.

Blockchain@UBC Summer INSTITUTE

In collaboration with our industry and academic partners, Blockchain@UBC runs a comprehensive two-week program for students and community members every summer. Topics covered include: basic blockchain architecture and operations, privacy, security and trust and Bitcoin/blockchains/DLTs, emerging international standards and use cases, technical knowledge on the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain/DLTs, and understanding of blockchain and DLTs in social, economic, legal and political contexts.


The initiative aims to build capacity for existing master’s and PhD students in this area and help contribute to scaling Canada’s blockchain industry while also tackling some of the world’s most complex socio-technical issues. As the world’s most multidisciplinary blockchain training path, the unique initiative will provide students with next-generation tools and applications to address issues in FinTech, engineering and computer science, and information governance through its disciplinary streams.

The training path will focus on four primary sectors: health and wellness, clean energy, regulatory technology and indigenous issues, and aims to train 139 students over six years. 

Blockchain@UBC MicroCertificate

UBC Micro-certificate in Blockchain Innovation and Implementation offered in September!

Developed by Blockchain@UBC, this 55-hour online micro-certificate program is designed for leaders and professionals who need the skills to understand, assess, and champion blockchain initiatives.

Learners gain a foundational (non-technical) understanding of blockchain; a toolkit to evaluate blockchain use cases and opportunities, adoption, governance, and scaling; and insights into leading blockchain innovation and implementation to realize business and social value.