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BTS 2021 Sponsors

Aquanow is a leading provider of digital asset liquidity, trading technology, and infrastructure. Each month billions of dollar value pass through our infrastructure enabling a broad range of digital financial services for our clients. Our dedicated technical integration and support team takes a partnership approach to fully understand each client’s needs and build a bespoke fully integrated solution.

Our goal is to reduce harm and prevent unintentional deaths for people of all ages. Our team has pioneered apps that were developed in response to the opioid crisis, which is now a worldwide problem, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic and health & safety concerns in senior care centers. We are on the leading edge of research, development, clinical trials, and implementation of digital solutions that are aimed at harm reduction for various public health challenges.

Our vision is to optimize individual health to support healthy, longer lives. We deliver this by fostering greater patient engagement in their health while generating new insights and opportunities to advance care. The Molecular You Health Intelligence (MYHi) health assessment, coupled with advanced patent pending data science methodologies, is designed to generate a continuous stream of Real-World Data (RWD) health insights to accelerate the development of more effective therapies and the evolution of holistic care.

We are a team of dedicated decentralists who are researching and developing new architectures and technologies to solve some of the most pressing problems of our time—starting with social media.

Social networks and cloud providers require users to agree to terms that include giving up control of their personal data in return for using their network or service. They use this agreement as a blanket authorization so they can track their users' online activities and behaviors. This business model represents the worst excesses of the social internet. Peer Social has a solution.