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September 4, 2019

Edinburgh Napier University- Craiglockhart Campus
219 Colinton Road
Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom

On Sep 4th, Blockchain@UBC will participate in the Cyber Revolution Conference led by the Edinburgh Napier University.

The conference addresses the most crucial issues in the cyber revolution space, such as Blockchain, identity and IoT (Internet of Things); and multiple universities will present their research in the form of a relay. Researchers at Blokchain@UBC will present their research from 9am to 12pm on Sep 4th. Their presentations will be delivered to the audience in Edinburgh via teleconferencing and live-streamed on the Youtube channel of Blockchain@UBC. Interested individuals are encouraged to watch the presentations on Youtube.

For more information, please visit 2nd International Conference: Blockchain, Identity & Cryptography.