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March 10, 2020

Room 288- ICICS Building (2366 Main Mall)
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4


Blockchains are currently branded applications, offering ledgering-, consensus- and transparency-services paired with code-executing capabilities. But actually they are more: if these services are taken separately and rebundled, they can form a decentralized identity service or a semantics service and many more.

They are the beginning of the next generation internet. A distributed, service-oriented, semantic and scaleable internet – and the current understanding of blockchains is just one application of it.

Volker Skwarek's Bio

Volker Skwarek is a Technical Computer Science Engineering Professor at HAW Hamburg University, his focus is on security in distributed systems. He leads an International team on research security in distributed systems and works on designing, modelling and developing services for a secure distributed internet.

Additionally, he is very active in national and international standardisation of blockchain and distributed ledger systems. He holds a convenor position in ISO TC 307 for WG 3 “Smart Contracts”.