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Ali Farahbakhsh

Master Student

I am a MASc student in the University of British Columbia, and I am supervised by Prof. Chen Feng, who is the co-cluster lead of Blockchain@UBC. I received my BSc in Sharif University of Technology, getting a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. I have a broad set of research interests: Communication networks, information theory, and distributed systems. Recently, I have begun to gradually add quantum information theory to this list. I am trying to use insights from different fields to build better and more understandable systems, and currently my focus is on (quantum) distributed consensus protocols. I do not restrict myself to theoretical or practical projects only, and I believe that blending both approaches can be more productive.

My BSc research project was about designing a data offloading scheme for mobile operators, inspired by multi-path TCP and application layer variants of data offloading. We started from scratch, and added different parts along the way. The project turned into a big group project, and is on its way to be a commercial product.

Mitacs Industry Partner:
Internship Topic: Decentralized identity management