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Anadi Pandharkar

Product Manager at Covalent

Masters of Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management

Blockchain@UBC Alumni

Anadi graduated from Blockchain@UBC in November 2020 while completing his MSc in Business Administration focused on Supply Chain Management. His research was based on facilitating supply chain finance through various smart contracts so as to create a more seamless and trustless execution of the process. His thesis was guided by prof. Harish Krishnan, prof. Victoria Lemieux and prof. Robin Lindsey. Anadi worked in the Hypeledger ecosystem while being involved in MolecularYou's MyPDx project. He also touched upon a more centralized immutable ledger Amazon QLDB while working on a project that was a partnership of Blockchain@UBC and UBC-CIC (Cloud Innovation Center).

Currently, Anadi works as a Product Manager at CovalentHQ, a crypto company that aims to make blockchain data accessible to anyone in a decentralized fashion.

Mitacs Industry Partner: Molecular You
Internship Topic: Personal health wallet