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Chris Rowell

Senior Associate at Performance Frontiers

Blockchain@UBC Alumni

Chris has been researching, teaching and advising on the emerging blockchain and distributed ledger fields since 2017, and was the lead instructor for the upcoming Microcertificate in Blockchain Innovation and Implementation. Up until 2020, Chris was a postdoctoral research and teaching fellow at the UBC Sauder School of Business and Blockchain@UBC. He has developed and taught courses on blockchain (primarily from a business perspective) for undergraduate, graduate, MBA, professional and executive audiences, and he coordinated the multidisciplinary Blockchain@UBC Summer Institute in 2019 and 2020.

Chris is passionate about how emerging technologies can change how we interact, organize, and create and capture value, and is especially enthusiastic about the potential of blockchain for transforming the industry in social sectors in ways that empower individuals and create social good. He earned his doctorate in science, with a focus on technology strategy and venturing, from Aalto University in Helsinki in 2017. Chris is now a Senior Associate at Performance Frontiers.