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Gary Weinstein


I am Head of Global Regulatory Relations for Electric Coin Co. (ECC), creators and supporters of Zcash. Zcash facilitates a privacy‐preserving cryptocurrency, ZEC, for confidential value transfer using zero‐knowledge proof cryptography. (The protocol facilitates options for transactions to be either shielded (confidential) or transparent (visible) on the Zcash blockchain.)

I have extensive experience identifying and mitigating enterprise-wide legal risks for disruptive industries. Before joining ECC, I was in-house counsel (SVP, Acting General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer) for a national consumer financial services company to advance financial inclusion for the unbanked. I managed all litigation and regulatory compliance for the company, including data breaches and privacy matters. And I coordinated the defense of all federal and state investigations and enforcement actions by State Attorneys General, the Department of Justice, and other government agencies.

I concurrently served on the Board of Directors of a nationwide trade association to advance financial products for the unbanked. In 2018, my role in this organization sparked my interest in crypto, blockchain, and distributed ledger platforms.

As a former regulator (New York State Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Bureau), I investigated and prosecuted antitrust matters, including international horizontal price-fixing conspiracies. And I assisted the Internet Bureau in prosecuting an offshore internet gambling fraud operation.

I am a member of the American Bar Association Innovative Digitized Products and Processes Subcommittee. And I am a Certified Bitcoin Professional with the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium.

I am also active in the cannabis industry and am a member of the Advisory Board for The Last Prisoner Project. In 2020, as lead counsel for that organization, I filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court of the United States in a landmark marijuana federal legality case to declare the federal criminalization of marijuana unconstitutional. In 2022, the Mayor of Hoboken appointed me to the Cannabis Review Board. (This Board serves as an advisory committee to the City of Hoboken and reviews applications for cannabis dispensaries.) I also authored the article, “Marijuana Is[n’t] Legal: The Federal/State Contradiction.” My introduction to the cannabis industry was as Advisory Board Chair for a start-up company that builds locker solutions for secure cannabis delivery.