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Hoda Hamouda

Ph.D, Library, Archival and Info. Sci

Doctoral Student

Hoda is a user experience designer at the Blockchain @ UBC interdisciplinary research cluster where she researches criteria necessary to support users in understanding consents–to the use of their data– in research of personalized medicine as well as their acceptance to self-sovereign control models over their health data. Hoda is responsible for designing user interfaces of web platform that translate this research into a tangible service to users. 

She is a Ph.D. student whose research focuses on verifying the authenticity of eyewitnesses and citizen journalism videos captured during politically significant events that document human rights violations against protestors, civilians, and civil institutions. 

She is the Head of Curriculum Design at the British Columbia Newcomers Association, which provides yearly a free summer camp, to children of new-coming families to BC, that is designed to assist them in overcoming language and social barriers.

Mitacs Industry Partner: Molecular You
Internship Topic: Personal health wallet: user experience