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Mathieu Glaude

Mathieu is the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Block, a leading global provider of self-sovereign identity,  blockchain,  verifiable  IDs  &  documents, and automated business workflow technology headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Mathieu is a  serial entrepreneur,  having started and involved in many technology start-ups,  which includes one of the first full provenance tracking blockchain solutions for cannabis and a  firearm ownership management system that has implemented self-sovereign identity (SSI). Mathieu’s natural entrepreneurial spirit sparked while working for Capital One Bank, where he leveraged massive untapped internal data and engineered an enterprise-wide data mining infrastructure that significantly boosted the Bank’s call centre efficiency. Mathieu’s urge to unlock the true potential of blockchain led to his departure from his rising career in the corporate world and the founding of Northern Block. Mathieu holds a  B.Com.  in management and entrepreneurship from  Concordia  University’s  John  Molson  School of  Business.  During his three years at  Capital  One, Mr Glaude was a  two-time recipient of the  Beacon of  Achievement,  the company’s highest recognition.