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Nikhil Prakash

Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Master Student

Nikhil is an ECE M.A.Sc student and has a keen interest to continue to learn, research and build in the blockchain and DLT field. His research and work in that space led to the conceptualization of CVIN - "The Connected VIN or Vehicle Identification Number and Network" which was published at VTC 2020. He is now doing his thesis with Dr. Chen Feng and Dr. Dave Michelson on the topic as a collaboration between Blockchain@UBC and UBC Radio Science Labs. CVIN is a SSI ('Self-Sovereign Identity', also known as the 4th stage of identity) system for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). SSI is enabled by DLT, and CVIN is being built using Ethereum, Hyperledger Indy and the 5G and CAV infrastructure from UBC's Aurora Connected Vehicle testbed. Nikhil enjoys building decentralized applications (especially with Ethereum) and is working on an entrepreneurial venture in the blockchain and DLT space.

Mitacs Industry Partner: Lifeguard Health Digital
Internship Topic: Blockchain for overdose prevention: privacy