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Robert Appiah Inkoom

Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Master Student

In the past seven years, Robert has built professional muscles in different spheres and industries including finance, energy and technology sectors. He worked as an Evolved Packet Core Engineer in Ghana before he moved to the UK in 2018 where he secured the one spot for the coveted DFID commonwealth scholar for technology award. Robert's research interests lie within designing Decentralized Identities(DIDs) and Self Self-Sovereign Identity solutions that empower users to claim full ownership of their data and records on the web using blockchain technology. Outside of this, he enjoys working as a technical product manager or as a blockchain consultant to build business use cases for accelerated adoption of blockchain in areas such as health, finance and supply chain. He is a graduate student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of UBC, supervised by Professor Emeritus Victor C.M. Leung and Dr David Zehua Wang. Robert is always open to new learnings and career opportunities. 

Mitacs Industry Partner: Indigeknow
Internship Topic: Blockchain for indigenous identity management