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Sadaf Ahmadbeigi

Master of Library, Archival and Info. Sci

Master Student

Sadaf Ahmadbeigi is a candidate for Dual Master of Archival Studies and Library and Information Studies (MASLIS), class of 2022. Through blockchain pathway, Sadaf is exploring ways to guarantee safety and transparency of personal identities and records in an ever-rising instability of states and economies worldwide. They are particularly interested in returning a sense of stability and human dignity to refugees and displaced communities by providing BC education and by contributing in creating accessible applications of blockchain technologies that would help these communities prove their identities. These practices should in turn lead to self-sovereign identities for these communities. Sadaf’s background in Middle Eastern Studies and Education, lead them to believe that significant work and research needs to be done in educating communities about BC technologies because simply replacing rule-of-law with rule-of-code will not bring equality and dignity to these vulnerable populations. Sadaf is a recipient of 2020-2021 Association of Research Libraries/Society of American Archivists Mosaic Award for their leadership role in gathering and processing oral history accounts from queer Iranian communities.

Mitacs Industry Partner: Peer Social
Internship Topic: Trusted Records in Tapestry Approach