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Seyed Ali Tabatabaee

Master Student

I have been a member of the Blockchain@UBC research cluster since September 2019 when I joined UBC to pursue my Masters in CS under the supervision of Prof. Ivan Beschastnikh and Prof. Chen Feng. I am very interested in different aspects of blockchain protocols such as transaction relay, consensus algorithms, and also the application layer and smart contracts. The main topics of my study during the time at UBC have been the pseudo-random number generation on blockchains, the transaction relay protocols for Bitcoin, and BFT protocols.

I previously did two internships in the area of blockchains. The first one was at a local company IT-Orbit Co. in summer 2017 where I was introduced to details of the consensus protocols of some major cryptocurrencies and other modern-day topics of blockchains. In summer 2018, I completed my second internship under the supervision of Prof. Pekka Nikander at Aalto University, Finland where I worked in the SOFIE project. Since joining UBC, I have taken two courses in the area of blockchains: Foundation of Blockchains and Blockchain Software Engineering. At UBC, I have also reviewed the literature in the areas of BFT protocols and pseudo-random number generation in blockchains. 

Furthermore, I have a strong foundation in theoretical computer science. I participated in multiple olympiads contests and won multiple awards, most notably the Iranian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI) gold medal. I have also completed several courses in theory during my BSc and MSc with excellent grades and worked as a teaching assistant in related courses on multiple occasions. Moreover, my B.Sc. thesis research at the Sharif University of Technology was focused on an algorithmic problem that led to the paper “Distributed Unit Clustering”, published in the Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry (CCCG) 2019.