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Legitimating The Initial Coin Offering: A Multidisciplinary Study

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a revolutionary new way of funding entrepreneurial ventures, which work by issuing digital tokens on an indelible distributed ledger. ICOs have the potential to fundamentally transform the finance sector, although they are still a highly nascent innovation, and there are still significant hurdles to their widespread proliferation. iComplyICO is a Vancouver-based company that offers a multisided digital platform that connects ventures, regulators, legal and financial service providers, and other key stakeholders to facilitate regulatory compliant and legitimate ICOs.

Completed in October 2018, this research project helped iComplyICO understand the broader context of ICOs, and how how to communicate its offering to the various audiences in this emerging space. The project culminated in a research paper, published by iComplyICO.

This research had widespread impact, being published in several finance, blockchain and cryptocurrency media outlets, including the following:

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The project’s findings were also summarized in this report by UBC Sauder School of Business

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