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DeFi Lab


The Aquanow DeFi Lab offers UBC students the opportunity to contribute to the expanding DeFi industry through meaningful collaborations with industry. We are combining the research capacity of UBC with the industry access of Aquanow to provide a platform for UBC students to contribute to the development of blockchain protocols and decentralized applications. Students will benefit from workshops, hackathons, and the opportunity to join start-up projects and companies being incubated in the Aquanow DeFi Lab


If you are interested in joining the DeFi lab, please contact us here.

Advisory Group

Victoria Lemieux

UBC iSchool: School of Information

Andy Leung

Aquanow Co-Founder and CTO

Jan Bena


Academic Supervisors

Chen Feng headshot
Chen Feng

School of Engineering

Ivan Beschastnikh

Computer Science

Karthik Pattabiraman

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Elina Robeva


Academic Collaborators

Chang Lu PhD.

Strategic Management & Organization

Participating Graduate Students

Derek Chen

Aquanow DeFi Lab Manager, Master of Science in Business Administration & Master of Data Science

Mahyar Daneshpajooh

Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mateusz Faltyn

Master of Applied Mathematics

Niusha Moshrefi

Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rui Xi

Masters of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Iris Wang


Participating Undergraduate Students