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Strategy and Legitimation in Blockchain Innovations and Multisided Markets

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This Mitacs funded research project, in partnership with 6Sensmatic, one of Blockchain@UBC’s industry partners,  explores two critical strategic challenges for firms seeking to develop and commercialize blockchain applications.

First, new ventures need to communicate with multiple different audiences to gain legitimacy and attract the necessary resources and support to develop and implement those blockchain solutions that are commercially feasible today.

At the same time, firms must comprehend and anticipate a future in which blockchains predominate, in order to identify and develop those competences that will help them to compete and capitalize on opportunities as they emerge.

Project Team: Marc-David Seidel, Vicki Lemieux, Chris Rowell

Cluster Researchers:
Victoria Lemieux, Chris Rowell
Industry/Funding Partners:
Mitacs, 6Sensmatic