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Talk Abstract: Sergei Beliaev

TurboBoost Your HyperAutomation with Blockchain-Based Networks

Companies don’t compete. Supply chains do. Business leaders realize the value of agility in a modern economy as we prepare for recovery. Business process optimization is not a nice to have, it’s a need to have in the global economy – not only to win but even to compete. Digitization, automation, and blockchain are key considerations as companies shave costs and improve efficiency. Hyperautomation is grabbing headlines around the world. Today, it tends to focus on improvements within a company, but fixing things within a company has less impact on a supply chain than fixing things between companies. When there are multiple parties that need to work together, how can you ensure that the information is reliable, trusted, auditable, secure, and can be shared among parties. Blockchain-based networks are the turbo boost to power the hyper-automation! Blockchain (distributed ledger) technology establishes tamper-proof real-time data-sharing networks.  Coupled with fully automated execution using smart contracts, it is the most effective foundation today for bringing independent market participants together, while minimizing the administrative overhead burden and simplifying business processes. We will explore trends in blockchain and hyper-automation and how these two approaches synergistically enrich each other in the cross-enterprise context